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REBOL to Support MAC OS X

Brings REBOL/View, SDK, and IOS along with 1000's of apps to the Macintosh.

Ukiah, California, USA (3-Feb-2003) REBOL Technologies today announced its plan to expand development and support for the Apple Macintosh OS X operating system. Beginning with OS X Jaguar (version 10.2), REBOL will port its entire line of products, including View and Pro products as well as Command, SDK (Software Developers Toolkit) and IOS (X Internet Operating System).

"The Mac OS X market has strengthened considerably over the last year," says REBOL's inventor, founder, and chairman, Carl Sassenrath. "The request for implementation and support of our products on OS X has become the #1 most frequently asked question in the expanding community of REBOL users." "Mac OS X is kind of like returning home," added Sassenrath who was a manager at Apple Computers' prestigious Advanced Technology Group.

REBOL Technologies has already begun porting the kernel of its powerful messaging language to OS X and expects the first beta release of REBOL/Core for Jaguar later this month. That will be followed by releases of its View, Pro, SDK, and Command products, with the implementation of REBOL's collaborative IOS platform coming later this spring.

With the release of the REBOL language and SDK for OSX, REBOL developers will bring more than 1000 new applications, utilities, and games to the Mac.

"It gives both Mac users and our company a tremendous boost by providing our communication utilities such as FTPGadget and AltME (Alternative Messaging Environment) without changing a single line of code," said Baron R. K. Von Wolfsheild, CTO of Prolific Publishing, Inc. and CEO of SafeWorlds, Inc. "And, we plan to leverage our REBOL code base to introduce several advanced enterprise products in a fraction of the normal development time."

About REBOL Technologies

Since 1997 REBOL Technologies has been leading a revolution toward smarter Internet communication technologies and solutions. REBOL (pronounced "rebel") dramatically improves the way people communicate, collaborate, and process information across all Internet devices. In 2002, the company was nominated for a Webby Award for technical achievement, and REBOL's founder, Carl Sassenrath, who was the principle designer of the Commodore Amiga operating system, was recently included in the Computing Encyclopedia, "People in Computing - Technology's Pioneers," published by Smart Computing.

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