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UniServe Nears Final Release

Updated 4-Oct-2006

UniServe is a client/server network programming framework that runs entirely in REBOL. It is a high performance network engine that includes an easy-to-use API for REBOL developers.

"If you want to implement a client or server or both (in the same application) in REBOL, UniServe will be a perfect fit and will save you days of hard work on low-level I/O routines," says Nenad Rakocevic, the designer of Uniserve.

UniServe includes a range of services such as HTTPd, Proxy, Task-Master and client protocols (HTTP, POP3, DNS, ...) to help you build REBOL-based products even faster. The technology is asynchronous, with an event-oriented API, that can support multiple serves. It is also fully extensible, with dynamic remote management, and support a plug-in architecture. It is also true to the REBOL "keep it simple" principles. The uniserve kernel is only 20KB. Amazing!

You can download the latest Uniserve from UniServe at SoftInnov. It is licensed as BSD open source and includes complete documentation in English and French.

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