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REBOL Readies Lightweight Network Services

New technology advances beyond web services
For Immediate Release

30-March-2005, Ukiah, CA: REBOL Technologies, leaders in dialected distributed computing technology, today announced its Lightweight Network Services (LNS) architecture that enables service oriented architectures (SOAs) to be implemented at a fraction of the size and cost of other technologies.

"Modern web service technologies are horribly complex because they do not benefit from being dialect-based, a standard feature of REBOL," says Carl Sassenrath, Founder of REBOL Technologies. "Creating distributed applications is difficult enough. LNS lets developers unwind the layers of complexity and focus on the true solution: the end-user application."

The power of REBOL LNS comes from its close ties with the REBOL language, a unique design that enables not only the expression of algorithms (code), but also the direct expression of data and meta-data. These dialects, as REBOL calls them, are context dependent representations of semantic content between disparate contexts over the Internet. REBOL efficiently handles the exchange, storage, and interpretation of data -- all from a single language. Other web service methods require four or more languages to accomplish the same result.

LNS also integrates high strength AES and RSA encryption methods, service certification, robust authentication, discovery, transport independence, and many other benefits, all within a highly efficient implementation.

REBOL Technologies plans to roll out the first version of LNS by mid-April, with final release scheduled for late May. LNS will become an integral part of all future REBOL products, including REBOL's highly acclaimed Internet Operating System, and the complete source to LNS will be made available for developer review, debugging, and enhancement.

The REBOL language, created in 1997 by Carl Sassenrath, inventor of the Amiga Computer multitasking operating system, was the first to introduce the concept of context-dependent sub-languages (dialects) as the solution to the problems of distributed computing. Go to for more information.

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