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REBOL Goes Commercial: Expanded Features for E-commerce Applications

Amiga creator provides common Internet Communications Language

Ukiah, CA - November 9, 1999 - REBOL Technologies today announced REBOL/Command 1.0, the platform-independent Internet communications language, with expanded functions and features for corporate enterprise applications. Applications developed with REBOL/Command 1.0 can be rapidly and simply integrated with popular platform-specific libraries, tools, applications and databases, as part of E-commerce, E-mail, or site management messaging services.

First Version of REBOL Focused on E-Applications Development Market

REBOL/Core, REBOL/Command, future versions of REBOL, and their use via technology licensing agreements, are expected to provide a widely used, universal method of communication and processing between all types of information systems by the end of 2000. The market will include the total number of systems and devices capable of accessing the Internet, estimated at 175 million by the end of 2000 and more than 600 million by 2003.

"REBOL's powerful yet compact size, ease of use, and compatibility with 37 platforms to-date enable faster prototyping and application development for smaller devices than other languages," says Steve Shireman, Manager of Embedded Applications at Maxon America, Inc., one of the world's largest manufacturers of cordless phones. "And REBOL's built-in Internet-friendly data types and network protocols eliminate painful, time-consuming development steps, and allow me to scale down to smaller mobile devices with greater ease."

The REBOL Advantage - Enabling the diverse world of network devices, from cell phones to PCs to TV set top boxes, to intercommunicate with applications on E-commerce servers.

A complement or alternative to sophisticated computing languages like Java, C++, and PERL, REBOL (Relative Expression-Based Object Language) provides a common data format with a clean and simple syntax for information exchange with Internet applications. REBOL/Core, the first version, is available as a free download, and has attracted more than 100,000 downloads since it first became available.

"We believe that REBOL/Command represents the easiest and most efficient way to create E-commerce and E-service applications that can talk to a wide array of systems, platforms and handheld devices operating on the Internet," says Carl Sassenrath, CEO and founder of REBOL Technologies. "It is a common way to communicate among the divergent technology of the Internet and is a much simpler option than Java, C++, and Perl." REBOL uses an English-like syntax, making it quicker to learn and easier to use. The language has a much smaller footprint, so it's ideal for smaller computing devices and embedded systems.

REBOL/Command Extends REBOL/Core for Large Enterprise Applications

REBOL/Command extends the powerful features found in REBOL/Core, such as built-in network support for common Internet protocols, text processing, and domain specific dialecting. It enables access to corporate applications and platform specific libraries, tools and commands.

Expanded Features of REBOL/Command 1.0


REBOL/Command 1.0 is the first of a family of commercial products based on the REBOL language. It will be available for purchase as a standalone application that will support corporate applications through REBOL scripts. Also available will be the REBOL/Command Toolkit, with all of the components necessary to embed the REBOL Interpreter with custom applications. REBOL/Command Beta will be available later this fall for Microsoft Windows, Linux and popular Unix platforms with final release scheduled for Q1, 2000.

REBOL Technologies

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