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REBOL Internet Communications Language Featured with New Release of Red Hat Linux

Ukiah, CA - October 25, 1999 - REBOL Technologies today announced the availability of REBOL/Core 2.1, the platform independent Internet communications language, with the Red Hat Linux 6.1 Application CD. REBOL (Relative Expression-Based Object Language) gives Linux platform developers a portable, scalable, and efficient language for intercommunications and interoperability, necessary to quickly build innovative E-business applications. The language supports almost 40 hardware platforms, including Windows 95/98/NT, Sun Solaris, Windows CE, HP-UX and Macintosh.

An alternative to sophisticated scripting languages like Java, C++, and PERL, REBOL provides a common data format with a clean and simple syntax for Internet information exchange. It was designed to enable the diverse world of network devices-from cell phones to PCs to TV set top boxes-to intercommunicate with applications on E-commerce servers.

"REBOL is a powerful Internet communications language that's a snap to learn and use," says Carl Sassenrath, CEO of REBOL Technologies and the language's principal developer. Sassenrath wrote the highly acclaimed Amiga computer operating system in 1985. "Early adopters like Linux developers have always been the great innovators-responsible for the Web, email, and C++. We see REBOL as an excellent fit for these movers and shakers and creative thinkers of the Internet."

According to an April 1999 market research study by International Data Corporation, Linux commercial shipments will grow faster than the total shipments of all other client or server operating systems through 2003. The study found that Linux was the fastest-growing server operating environment in 1998, growing more than 212 percent in that year alone and capturing more than 17 percent of all server operating system shipments. Today, Linux boasts more than 10 million fiercely loyal users around the world.

REBOL Technologies

REBOL Technologies ( develops, markets, and supports REBOL, the first Internet language focusing on intercommunications and interoperability among diverse, network-enabled devices. REBOL/Core has attracted over 90,000 downloads since it first became available for general release. REBOL/Core 2.1 is packaged with Red Hat's Linux 6.1 applications CD. The two-year-old company is based in northern California.

Red Hat ® Inc.

Red Hat, ( based in Durham, NC, is the market-leading Linux developer and service provider and a leader in the development of open source operating system solutions. Through the Linux Development model, Red Hat development works to build the most accessible and advanced operating system available anywhere with technical innovations such as the RPM Package Manager, the disk druid installation tool and the GNOME user interface. Red Hat Linux is available for Intel®, Compaq Alpha®, and Sun SPARC® platforms. The Official Red Hat Linux 6.1 is available in a variety of packages to enable different users to take advantage of open source technology. All boxed packages include an Installation Manual and Reference Guide. Red Hat Linux 6.1 can also be downloaded from Available in the U.S. and at international sites, the boxed versions can be purchased in select retail outlets starting October 18 and can be ordered directly from

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