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REBOL Web Browser Plugin

Allows REBOL applications to run within a standard web browser window.

Update: 22-April-2004 - Beta 5 version released.

1-March-2004 - REBOL Technologies today released to developers the REBOL/Plugin, a new web browser plugin module for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The plugin enables Internet developers to quickly create and deploy lightweight browser hosted applications that run within the framework of normal web pages.

The REBOL/Plugin is based on REBOL/View, allowing applications to make use of REBOL's unique Visual Interface Dialect (VID) to create high-quality user interfaces that utilize the full power of REBOL. Web applications written in REBOL are smaller and less complicated that those written in other language systems, making web-based applications easier to create and maintain as well as faster to download and update.

Example plugin - a test panel on a web page
Example plugin - a test panel on a web page

Click here to try it.

Technical Information

The REBOL/Plugin installs automatically (just one click) when a web page references a REBOL-based application. The plugin module is tiny (only 346 KB), making it quick to download, even over telephone-based modems. The plugin also enforces strict security limits to prevent abusive scripts from running unchecked, and also includes a default file sandbox to restrict file and directory accesses.

Free and Professional Versions

It is planned that the basic REBOL/Plugin will be made available free of charge for casual developers, and that professional developers will be able to purchase a Plugin Developer's Kit that enables a number of additional features, in-the-box solution packages, full strength encryption, external interfaces, and debugging methods. Substantial discounts will be made available to existing REBOL/SDK and REBOL/Command customers.

The beta release of the REBOL/Plugin is scheduled for later this month, with final release soon thereafter. Plugin modules for other web browsers such as Netscape/Mozilla and Opera are also planned.

Developers can find additional information and demos on

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