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IOS Express Released

A new real-time collaborative platform unleashes the power of X Internet technology.


REBOL Technologies, makers of real-time collaboration and messaging software, today announced the release of its premier Internet Operating System platform, IOS Express 1.0. The product, to ship later this month, introduces an affordable way to provide highly secure peer-to-peer collaborative processes and information sharing within any organization.

"You feel as if you are in the same room as your peers, even if they are spread across the planet" says REBOL Technologies' Founder & CTO, Carl Sassenrath. "It makes telecommuting, remote project coordination, online meetings, and employee status tracking totally natural."

IOS Express offers enhanced peer-to-peer collaboration to support a wide range of business processes through a set of tiny "reblet" applications. Each reblet does one thing very well, and reblets work both on-line and off-line. By the end of the year more than 40 reblets will be available, including polling, surveying, rating, notifying, agendas, brainstorming, whiteboards, file sharing, user status monitoring, scheduling, and more. Reblets can be easily customized and additional reblets will be offered by third party vendors and value-added resellers.

"IOS has revolutionized our project teamwork, communication, and efficiency. There's a new kind of group synergy happening now," says Steve Shireman, VP of Software at Semax Wireless, innovators in wireless local loop technology. "We manage our development process through IOS conferencing, a project editor, and shared online specifications. I can telecommute from home or while I'm on the road in Asia and Canada. As a result, we will finish our latest project ahead of schedule."

The IOS platform is based on X Internet distributed computing technology that allows collaborative applications to run across a wide variety of Internet devices. IOS, which has been under development for several years, operates identically over more than 20 systems, including Windows (all variations), Macintosh, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP/UX, IBM AIX, SGI Irix, BSD Unix, BeOS, and a variety of handheld devices. In addition, all communications and file transfers are kept private and secure using high strength encryption.

"IOS is about people and their relationships," remarked Sassenrath. "The web is terrific for surfing and browsing, but it does not support the most basic level of human interaction found in true relationships. IOS opens a new era, a social web that allows us to create meaningful electronic relationships with the employees, partners, customers, and suppliers that are critical to the success of our businesses and organizations."

REBOL Technologies was founded in 1997 by acclaimed OS designer Carl Sassenrath, best known as the creator of the Amiga Operating System and CDTV. REBOL provides X Internet systems and solutions to companies of all sizes, technologies, and markets. The company can be contacted at, and IOS evaluation copies can be obtained from,

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