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Eight, Inc. and REBOL Technologies announce the formation of REBOL Consulting, LLC.

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Cambridge, MA -- May 9, 2001, - REBOL Technologies (REBOL) and Eight, Inc. (Eight) today announced the formation of REBOL Consulting LLC, a joint venture that will provide custom software development and technical support services for companies looking to use REBOL's distributed application platform.

"REBOL Consulting will combine the two companies' complementary strengths to create a consultancy focused on helping companies achieve new levels of efficiency and competitive advantage through the use of the REBOL application platform," says Eight president Jennifer Mills. "By bringing together Eight's consulting experience with REBOL's expertise in Internet-based distributed computing, this new entity will allow us to take a leading role in the creation of next generation Internet systems."

The REBOL platform has been redefining the Internet for four years. By making it possible for users to write Internet applications in short, clean blocks of code, REBOL is paving the way for a brand new understanding of the way we think about the Internet by allowing client-side computing to replace some of the server bottlenecks that slow down Internet access. George Colony, the Forrester CEO who coined the term "executable Internet," has compared the difference between traditional server-side computing and distributed computing to the difference between reading a book and participating in a dialogue.

"The days of the smart server and dumb client are over," says REBOL founder Carl Sassenrath. "In the Internet of the future computers will collaborate, and the work will be performed at both the server and the client." And REBOL goes beyond distributed computing. It implements the concept of "lightweight distributed computing," which scales down applications, making them cheaper and easier to maintain or replace.

REBOL Consulting will provide the technical expertise to make it possible for businesses to participate in the next wave of Internet innovation by building custom REBOL systems and providing technical support for companies developing their own REBOL systems. "We're planning to take on projects with businesses that have a vision beyond the boring static web, and really want to break into the next generation of Internet communications and collaboration," says Sassenrath. "Most consulting companies view the Internet as a static, one-way connection to whomever stumbles over their website. We believe that the future is a direct, dynamic, bidirectional, and collaborative connection to business partners, customers, and suppliers."

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