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REBOL/View Released - A New Era of Distributed Internet Applications Begins

For Immediate Release

Ukiah, CA - April 24, 2001 - REBOL Technologies today announced the release of REBOL/View, an Internet software technology that launches the next generation platform for distributed Internet applications. REBOL/View enables everyone, regardless of budget or staff size, to rapidly create and deploy custom network applications for collaborative, groupware, and peer-to-peer purposes.

REBOL/View is based on REBOL's revolutionary Lightweight Distributed Computing (LDC) technology for network applications. Distributed computing (also called the X-Internet) allows both client and server computers to closely coordinate, process, and distribute information much more efficiently. Napster is widely recognized as an example of this model of computing. However, traditional distributed computing applications are complicated and expensive to produce and deploy. Lightweight distributed computing changes that. REBOL-based LDC applications can be created in about the same amount of time as a small web site. A typical LDC application, such as a shared sales force contact database, can be completed in days.

"REBOL/View is already showing signs that it will grow as quickly as the world wide web," says Carl Sassenrath, REBOL's founder and CTO. "That's because REBOL spreads in the same way as the web. It's simple, free, and all applications also serve as examples. Even small companies can become highly competitive in this new era of the Internet."

Advanced Distributed Computing Technology

REBOL is a system-independent distributed computing platform that allows portions of an application to execute on different parts of the network without modification. For example, the database storage portion of a contact database may reside on one system while the data entry, querying, and content management portions reside on other systems.

Applications inter-communicate using REBOL dialecting, a unified, secure method for the exchange of semantic information between all types of computer systems. Dialects offer greater expressivity and control over the information and functions that are being exchanged.

REBOL LDC applications also take greater advantage of the local power of client computers resulting in ten to fifty times greater efficiency in both server loading and infrastructure usage. ASPs and other information providers can deliver a more satisfying end-user experience to many more customers than with existing network and server implementations. REBOL applications can also execute both online and offline, allowing portable operation when bandwidth is at a premium or unavailable.

REBOL Products and Distribution

REBOL/View is free for non-commercial purposes, and it may be freely redistributed from the web, CD-ROM, and email. The 360 KB package can be downloaded and installed in seconds. It currently runs on 27 system platforms. The package includes 14 Internet protocols, graphics, a world wide distributed desktop, compression, and the powerful REBOL messaging language.

REBOL/View/Pro is available for professional users who require encryption, external library access, or shell application access. Encryption methods include RSA, DSA, DH, AES, and others. Commercial users can purchase a REBOL/Runtime license which can also be used to encapsulate and hide application source code and data.

REBOL also makes REBOL/Core, REBOL/Command, and REBOL/Express distributed computing products, all of which are compatible with REBOL/View. More than 500,000 copies of REBOL/Core have been distributed since 1998, and it runs on more than 42 system platforms.


REBOL Technologies is a privately held northern California Internet software development company. The company was founded in 1997 by Carl Sassenrath, the designer of REBOL. Carl is best known as the creator of the Amiga Multitasking Operating System. He also pioneered graphical user interfaces in 1982 at Hewlett Packard, parallel processing at Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group, and the world's first CD-ROM set-top box (CDTV) for Commodore Computer. REBOL Technologies is funded by Avalon Investments.

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