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REBOL Technologies Announces Free Re-distribution of REBOL/Core

Developers can also distribute their encapsulated applications using REBOL/Command Runtime

Ukiah, CA - REBOL Technologies announced the availability of REBOL/Core for redistribution. Software developers can now freely distribute their REBOL/Core applications with REBOL/Core. Subject to certain licensing requirements, developers can now develop convenient packages combining their REBOL/Core applications with a copy of the REBOL/Core binary and distribute these to their user base.

REBOL Technologies also announces the ability to distribute encapsulated REBOL/Core applications using the newly released REBOL/Command Runtime application. Command Runtime allows developers to encapsulate and bind their REBOL/Core applications with a version of REBOL/Command that is backwards compatible with REBOL/Core. The resulting binary is a single application executable which is more convenient to distribute to customers and easier for customers to use. Furthermore, Command/Runtime conceals the application script which protects the investment of the developer.

Distribution of REBOL/Core Scripts

Until today, the REBOL/Core license has been non-transferable. Though REBOL/Core has been distributed to well over 300,000 users on more than 40 platforms, there has been great demand for redistribution rights to ensure seamless execution for all endusers. Many developers have also called for the protection of their REBOL/Core applications and can now do so through a simple two-step process with REBOL/Command Runtime.


REBOL/Core is available for redistribution today for all supported platforms. Pricing for distribution of REBOL/Core scripts with REBOL/Command Runtime is based on a minimum 50 pack with volume discounts available for larger size packs and is immediately available for the Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms.

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