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REBOL Technologies Releases Runtime Version of REBOL/Command

Developers can distribute their REBOL scripts as encapsulated applications

Ukiah, CA - REBOL Technologies announced the availability of REBOL/Command Runtime 1.0, an Internet software package that allows developers to create and deploy encapsulated REBOL applications. Software developers can now protect their software investment and produce a single application binary for distribution to their customers.

Distribution of REBOL/Command Enterprise Applications

REBOL/Command-based applications can now be designed, developed, and conveniently packaged, enabling economical redistribution of solutions for E-commerce, site management tools, or integrated messaging services. REBOL/Command applications can be targeted for corporate use or commercial applications and integrated with a broad set of Internet protocols, email, web services, and database connectivity.

Pricing and Availability

REBOL/Command Runtime 1.0 is available today for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris. Pricing is based on a minimum 50 pack with volume discounts available for larger size packs.

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