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REBOL Technologies Releases REBOL/Command

For the Rapid Development of Internet Applications

Ukiah, CA - September 21, 2000 - REBOL Technologies today announced the availability of REBOL/Command 1.0, a commercial extension to its leading Internet application development product REBOL/Core 2.3. REBOL/Command 1.0 enables developers to extend their REBOL language-based applications by integrating them with popular platform-specific libraries, tools, 3rd party applications and databases. REBOL/Command Runtime, which will be released next month, will enable developers to encapsulate their REBOL applications for distribution to their customers.

REBOL/Command Extends REBOL/Core for Enterprise Applications

REBOL/Command-based applications directly integrate with popular Internet services such as E-mail, Web servers and database engines, allowing developers to create solutions for E-commerce, site management tools or integrated messaging services. REBOL/Command enables access to platform specific libraries, tools and commands that allow developers to closely integrate their applications with operating system features or functionality. Developers can also use REBOL/Command as a system "glue" language to integrate disparate applications, services, 3rd party dynamically-linked libraries and shell applications. REBOL/Command provides direct access to relational database systems through ODBC under Windows, as well as direct communication with popular databases such as Oracle under Unix.

"We believe that REBOL/Command represents the easiest and most efficient way to create E-commerce and E-service applications that communicate over a wide array of Internet platforms," says Carl Sassenrath, Founder and CTO of REBOL Technologies.

"REBOL's ease of use and power enabled us to rapidly develop our transaction processing, CGI scripts and other live web applications in a fraction of the time it would have taken with other development tools," says Ralph Roberts, CEO of Alexander Books. "With the advent of REBOL/Command, we will now be able to easily integrate our e-commerce transactions with some of our crucial legacy applications and our customer and inventory databases."

The REBOL language

REBOL (for "Relative Expression-Based Object Language") provides machine independent code and data formats with clean and simple syntax for information exchange with Internet applications. Its built-in Internet protocols and datatypes relieve application developers from the need to re-create cumbersome protocols or become familiar with low-level communications issues in order to develop Internet-aware applications. REBOL/Core is available on over 40 platforms as a free download and more than 300,000 developers have downloaded or received REBOL since it first became available.

Pricing and Availability

REBOL/Command 1.0 is available today for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris. It can be purchased through the company web site as a standalone development license that supports corporate applications. Pricing starts at $249.

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