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About REBOL Technologies

Our Mission

We dramatically improve the way people and applications communicate, collaborate, share, and process information over the Internet.

Our Premise

  1. We believe that modern distributed applications do not need to be large, complicated, and expensive.
  2. In fact, we believe that when it comes to software, smaller is better. Smaller software is cheaper to develop, more efficient to operate, and easier to update and improve.
  3. We believe that the X-Internet can make web applications a lot faster, a lot smarter, and run on a lot more devices in the future.
  4. We believe that an open collaborative development community is key in creating and expanding on the fundamental technology and inspiring an exciting variety of applications and methods.
  5. We believe that the Internet is always changing, and that the more flexible and lightweight your technology, the more rapidly you can adapt and benefit from change.

Our Technology

In 1997 we developed a radical new approach to software. Unlike prior software technologies that were based on the object-oriented concepts of the 1980's, our software is based on powerful methods of messaging and dialecting.

Messaging is a method of direct, real-time communications that allows applications to be more than just one-sided document viewers. Messaging provides a better way of sharing information in a network environment where speed and security are critical.

Dialecting is a language technique uniquely developed within REBOL to deliver the meaning behind the messages. Our approach makes communications, whether between desktops, servers, or handhelds, many times more efficient and flexible. Dialecting is natural within human languages, so it makes sense to apply it to communication software technology.

Both these methods can be applied to a wide range of solutions, including graphical user interfaces, real-time collaboration, on-line presentations, secure network protocols, and more efficient information sharing.

Our Products

We develop a variety of software products spanning from free distributions of our primary language (Core) and user-interfaces (View), to software development kits for professionals (SDK and Command), to collaborative solutions for enterprises (IOS).

In addition we provide a series of reblet applications that enable file sharing, calendars, task lists, agendas, group prioritization, instant messaging, conferencing, notifications, surveys, voting, presentation delivery and more.

Our Customers

REBOL has been downloaded by more than 3 million people since 1999. REBOL professional tools and enterprise systems have been purchased by both large and small businesses, including silicon chip fabricators, government institutions, universities, designers, consultants, manufacturers, and real estate offices.

We also welcome partnerships and licensing opportunities with value-added solutions providers, independent developers, and OEMs for specific industries and markets.

Our History

REBOL Technologies was founded in 1997 by Carl Sassenrath.

For more than 20 years Carl Sassenrath has been leading the design and implementation of fundamental advances in computer languages, operating systems, and distributed computing.

In 1985 Carl was responsible for the design and implementation of the highly acclaimed Amiga Multitasking Operating System. His background includes senior development roles at Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group, Hewlett-Packard (Computer Systems Division), and Commodore Amiga.

Carl was also the founder and president of Pantaray and American Multimedia, and was the co-founder and VP of Development for Videostream Inc. Carl has headed the development of Internet set-top boxes, CDTV (the world's first CD-ROM set-top box and precursor of DVD), programming languages, and multimedia content authoring systems.

Carl holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California.

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