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IOS User Scenario

To help clarify the advantages of IOS, here is a short scenario that describes how a fictitious insurance company might evaluate and adopt REBOL/IOS within their enterprise.

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Company Profile

For 20 years Insuratron has provided commercial insurance for cross-country freight haulers. Known for quick and accurate claims assessments, the company serves a loyal customer base.

The company consists of:

The company is based downtown in a large urban area and to reduce congestion they encourage their staff to telecommute twice a week. About half the staff does so.

The Pain

With personnel spread across the country Insuratron faced serious communications problems:

Requirements of a Solution

Insuratron wanted a real-time collaborative Internet solution that would include:

Trial of IOS

Insuratron noticed that IOS Express addressed each of these needs. They began a low cost, low risk, two month, 10 user pilot project to evaluate the system. They were pleased to find:

Success of IOS

Within months, the Insuratron really began to click. People made decisions based on solid information. The staff began to work together more efficiently as meetings, status reports, contact lists, brainstorming, and problem solving became regular on-line activities. The pilot group became dramatically more productive and efficient.

After two months, Insuratron deployed the system company-wide to all employees and agents. The cost of the system was extremely affordable and was based on the number of users, allowing them to add new users at any time for minimal cost.

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