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This document describes REBOL's IOS Express product circa 2001. This product is no longer sold under the name Express.


All REBOL/Express products consist of one to many small but powerful REBOL/Link clients managed by a lightweight REBOL/Serve server. Each Link client can act as both a user and as an administrator of a network group. /Link and /Serve transform existing HTTP-based Web communications into a secure, authenticated and encrypted communication channel. /Link regularly monitors for a network connection and connects with REBOL/Serve when it finds one. It includes four basic client services (workspace synchronization, an application launcher, connection management and security, and communication services through a TCP channel) plus an optional iconic interface. Additional services can easily be added.


REBOL/Serve, the server side of /Express, is a high performance synchronization and delivery server that is efficient, scalable and secure.

REBOL/Serve is a "set and forget" server which animates and propels the /Express universe. Administration is beyond trivial. Place the small binary where you'd like, start it and forget about it for months. REBOL/Serve transparently coordinates synchronization to all connected LINK clients without need for close monitoring. Once SERVE is running, the Express platform is running, and you soon forget about the presence of the server all together. Everything just works.

REBOL/Serve quietly does the grungy work in maintaining the /Express environment, observing modifications and proliferating effects involving all shared and private resources within the /Express platform. It talks to your database, your system libraries, and interoperates with other installed software on the box while paying attention to back up recovery. REBOL/Serve provides all the power you expect of a server and plus the added benefit of its invisibility.

Lastly, REBOL/Serve communicates with /Link through the CGI gateway of a Web server and ensures secure connection and transmission of information using RSA (1024-bit encryption).

REBOL/Express Advantages

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