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Prints command-line arguments.




Displays REBOL command line arguments, including options and examples.

    The command line usage is:
    	REBOL <options> <script> <arguments>
    All fields are optional. Supported options are:
    	--cgi (-c)       Check for CGI input
    	--do expr        Evaluate expression
    	--link url       Connect to Link
    	--help (-?)      Display this usage information
    	--nowindow (-w)  Do not open a window
    	--noinstall (-i) Do not install (Link, View)
    	--quiet (-q)     Don't print banners
    	--reinstall (+i) Force an install (Link, View)
    	--script file    Explicitly specify script
    	--secure level   Set security: allow ask throw quit
    	--trace (-t)     Enable trace mode
    	--uninstall (-u) Uninstall REBOL (Link, View)
    Other command line options:
    	+q               Force not quiet (Link, View)
    	-s               No security
    	+s               Full security
    	-- args          Provide args without a script
    	REBOL script.r
    	REBOL -s script.r
    	REBOL script.r 10:30 test@domain.dom
    	REBOL script.r --do "verbose: true"
    	REBOL -cswq
    	REBOL --cgi --secure throw --script cgi.r "debug: true"

SDK and special versions of REBOL may not include usage information.


? - Prints information about words and values.
help - Prints information about words and values.

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