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Help - Function Summary


Prints information about words and values.


help word


word - The word argument. (must be: any-type)


The HELP function provides a simple way to get information about words and values. To use HELP, supply a word or a value as its argument:

    help quit
    	 Stops evaluation and exits the interpreter. 
    	 QUIT is a native value.

Other examples:

    help now
    	NOW /year /month /day /time /zone /date /weekday /precise 
    	 Returns the current local date and time. 
    	 NOW is a native value.
    	 /year -- Returns the year only.
    	 /month -- Returns the month only.
    	 /day -- Returns the day of the month only.
    	 /time -- Returns the time only.
    	 /zone -- Returns the time zone offset from GMT only.
    	 /date -- Returns date only.
    	 /weekday -- Returns day of the week as integer (Monday is day 1).
    	 /precise -- Use nanosecond precision

    help insert
    	INSERT series value /part range /only /dup count 
    	 Inserts a value into a series and returns the series after the in
    	 INSERT is an action value.
    	 series -- Series at point to insert (Type: series port bitset)
    	 value -- The value to insert (Type: any-type)
    	 /part -- Limits to a given length or position.
    		 range -- (Type: number series port pair)
    	 /only -- Inserts a series as a series.
    	 /dup -- Duplicates the insert a specified number of times.
    		 count -- (Type: number pair)

You can also use HELP to find all the words that match a substring. To do so, provide a string in quotes:

    help "path"
    Found these words: 
       clean-path      function! Cleans-up '.' and '..' in path; return
s the cleane... 
       link-relative-path function! Remove link-root from a file path 
       lit-path!       datatype! lit-path! 
       lit-path?       action!   Returns TRUE for lit-path values. 
       path            file!     %/C/rebol/link/ranch/projects/manuals/
       path!           datatype! path! 
       path-thru       function! Return a path relative to the disk cac
       path?           action!   Returns TRUE for path values. 
       set-browser-path native!  Path to default web browser. 
       set-path!       datatype! set-path! 
       set-path?       action!   Returns TRUE for set-path values. 
       split-path      function! Splits a file or URL path. Returns a b
lock contain... 
       to-lit-path     function! [value] 
       to-path         function! [value] 
       to-set-path     function! [value]

    help "to-"
    Found these words: 
       caret-to-offset native!   Returns the offset position relative t
o the face o... 
       hsv-to-rgb      native!   Converts HSV (hue, saturation, value) 
to RGB 
       offset-to-caret native!   Returns the offset in the face's text 
       rgb-to-hsv      native!   Converts RGB value to HSV (hue, satura
tion, value) 
       to-binary       function! [value] 
       to-bitset       function! [value] 
       to-block        function! [value] 
       to-char         function! [value] 
       to-datatype     function! [value] 
       to-date         function! [value] 
       to-decimal      function! [value] 
       to-email        function! [value] 
       to-error        function! [value] 
       to-file         function! [value] 
       to-get-word     function! [value] 
       to-hash         function! [value] 
       to-hex          native!   Converts an integer to a hex issue!. 
       to-idate        function! Returns a standard Internet date strin
       to-image        function! [value] 
       to-integer      function! [value] 
       to-issue        function! [value] 
       to-library      function! [value] 
       to-list         function! [value] 
       to-lit-path     function! [value] 
       to-lit-word     function! [value] 
       to-local-file   native!   Converts a REBOL file path to the loca
l system fil... 
       to-logic        function! [value] 
       to-money        function! [value] 
       to-none         function! [value] 
       to-pair         function! [value] 
       to-paren        function! [value] 
       to-path         function! [value] 
       to-port         function! [value] 
       to-rebol-file   native!   Converts a local system file path to a
 REBOL file ... 
       to-refinement   function! [value] 
       to-set-path     function! [value] 
       to-set-word     function! [value] 
       to-string       function! [value] 
       to-tag          function! [value] 
       to-time         function! [value] 
       to-tuple        function! [value] 
       to-url          function! [value] 
       to-word         function! [value]

You can view all words that are of a specific datatype by specifying the datatype. The example:

    help tuple!
    Found these words: 
       aqua            tuple!    40.100.130 
       bar-color       tuple!    180.180.250 
       base-color      tuple!    143.127.111 
       beige           tuple!    255.228.196 
       black           tuple!    0.0.0 
       blue            tuple!    0.0.255 
       brick           tuple!    178.34.34 
       brown           tuple!    139.69.19 
       button-color    tuple!    44.80.132 
       coal            tuple!    64.64.64 
       coffee          tuple!    76.26.0 
       crimson         tuple!    220.20.60 
       cyan            tuple!    0.255.255 
       forest          tuple!    0.48.0 
       gold            tuple!    255.205.40 
       gray            tuple!    128.128.128 
       green           tuple!    0.255.0 
       ivory           tuple!    255.255.240 
       khaki           tuple!    179.179.126 
       leaf            tuple!    0.128.0 
       linen           tuple!    250.240.230 
       magenta         tuple!    255.0.255 
       main-color      tuple!    175.155.120 
       maroon          tuple!    128.0.0 
       mint            tuple!    100.136.116 
       navy            tuple!    0.0.128 
       oldrab          tuple!    72.72.16 
       olive           tuple!    128.128.0 
       orange          tuple!    255.150.10 
       over-color      tuple!    44.80.132 
       papaya          tuple!    255.80.37 
       pewter          tuple!    170.170.170 
       pink            tuple!    255.164.200 
       purple          tuple!    128.0.128 
       reblue          tuple!    38.58.108 
       rebolor         tuple!    142.128.110 
       red             tuple!    255.0.0 
       sienna          tuple!    160.82.45 
       silver          tuple!    192.192.192 
       sky             tuple!    164.200.255 
       snow            tuple!    240.240.240 
       tan             tuple!    222.184.135 
       teal            tuple!    0.128.128 
       violet          tuple!    72.0.90 
       water           tuple!    80.108.142 
       wheat           tuple!    245.222.129 
       white           tuple!    255.255.255 
       yellow          tuple!    255.255.0

would list all tuple functions. Other examples: type "help function!" to list all REBOL defined functions, or even:

    help datatype!
    Found these words: 
       action!         datatype! action! 
       any-block!      datatype! any-block! 
       any-function!   datatype! any-function! 
       any-string!     datatype! any-string! 
       any-type!       datatype! any-type! 
       any-word!       datatype! any-word! 
       binary!         datatype! binary! 
       bitset!         datatype! bitset! 
       block!          datatype! block! 
       char!           datatype! char! 
       datatype!       datatype! datatype! 
       date!           datatype! date! 
       decimal!        datatype! decimal! 
       email!          datatype! email! 
       error!          datatype! error! 
       event!          datatype! event! 
       file!           datatype! file! 
       function!       datatype! function! 
       get-word!       datatype! get-word! 
       hash!           datatype! hash! 
       image!          datatype! image! 
       integer!        datatype! integer! 
       issue!          datatype! issue! 
       library!        datatype! library! 
       list!           datatype! list! 
       lit-path!       datatype! lit-path! 
       lit-word!       datatype! lit-word! 
       logic!          datatype! logic! 
       money!          datatype! money! 
       native!         datatype! native! 
       none!           datatype! none! 
       number!         datatype! number! 
       object!         datatype! object! 
       op!             datatype! op! 
       pair!           datatype! pair! 
       paren!          datatype! paren! 
       path!           datatype! path! 
       port!           datatype! port! 
       refinement!     datatype! refinement! 
       routine!        datatype! routine! 
       series!         datatype! series! 
       set-path!       datatype! set-path! 
       set-word!       datatype! set-word! 
       string!         datatype! string! 
       struct!         datatype! struct! 
       symbol!         datatype! symbol! 
       tag!            datatype! tag! 
       time!           datatype! time! 
       tuple!          datatype! tuple! 
       unset!          datatype! unset! 
       url!            datatype! url! 
       word!           datatype! word!


? - Prints information about words and values.
?? - Prints a variable name followed by its molded value. (for debugging)
what - Prints a list of globally-defined functions.

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