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Request-pass - Function Summary


Requests a username and password.




/offset - The offset refinement.

xy - The xy argument.

/user - The user refinement.

username - The username argument.

/only - Password only.

/title - The title refinement.

title-text - The title-text argument.


Pop-up a window that requests a username and password from the user. The password is obscured with *'s as it is entered.

The result is returned as block that contains two strings. The first string is the username entry, the second is the password. If the user cancels the pop-up, a none is returned.

For example:

    if user-pass: request-pass [
        print ["User:" user-pass/1 "Pass:" user-pass/2]
    User: Fred Pass:

You can provide a default username with the user refinement:

    request-pass/user "Fred"

To specify a password only, use the /only refinement. To provide a different title for the pop-up, use the /title refinement.


request - Requests an answer to a simple question.

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