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Request - Function Summary


Requests an answer to a simple question.


request str


str - The str argument. (must be: string block object none)


/offset - The offset refinement.

xy - The xy argument.

/ok - The ok refinement.

/only - The only refinement.

/confirm - The confirm refinement.

/type - The type refinement.

icon - Valid values are: alert, help (default), info, stop (must be: word)

/timeout - The timeout refinement.

time - The time argument.


Request the user to answer a question. Various refinements allow for a range of answers. The REQUEST function returns TRUE, FALSE, or NONE. TRUE is returned on an affirmative answer, FALSE is returned on a negative answer, and NONE is returned on a cancel operation.

    request "Do you want to save?"

    request/confirm "Delete the file?"

    request/ok "File has been removed."

    request ["Select action:" "Encrypt" "Decrypt" "Cancel"]


alert - Flashes an alert message to the user. Waits for a user response.
flash - Flashes a message to the user and continues.
inform - Display an exclusive focus panel for alerts, dialogs, and requestors.

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