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Remove - Function Summary


Removes value(s) from a series and returns after the remove.


remove series


series - The series argument. (must be: series port bitset none)


/part - Removes to a given length or position.

range - The range argument. (must be: number series port pair)


Normally removes just a single value from the current position. However, you can remove any number of values with the /PART refinement.

    str: copy "send it here"
    remove str
    print str
    end it here

    remove/part str find str "it"
    print str
    it here

    remove/part str 3
    print str

    blk: copy [red green blue]
    remove next blk
    probe blk
    [red blue]


append - Appends a value to the tail of a series and returns the series head.
change - Changes a value in a series and returns the series after the change.
clear - Removes all values from the current index to the tail. Returns at tail.
insert - Inserts a value into a series and returns the series after the insert.
sort - Sorts a series.

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