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Remove-each - Function Summary


Removes a value from a series for each block that returns TRUE.


remove-each word data body


word - Word or block of words to set each time (will be local) (must be: get-word word block)

data - The series to traverse (must be: series)

body - Block to evaluate. Return TRUE to remove. (must be: block)


REMOVE-EACH is similar to FOREACH, but removes values as it moves through a series. For each value in the series, a comparison block is executed. If the block returns true, then the value will be removed.

    values: [12 test 30 "C" "D" 10]
    remove-each value values [word? value]
    probe values
    [12 30 "C" "D" 10]

    remove-each value values [all [integer? value value > 11]]
    probe values
    ["C" "D" 10]

Using REMOVE-EACH for removing values provides much greater performance than using a WHILE or FORALL loop.

This function is not available in older versions of REBOL.


foreach - Evaluates a block for each value(s) in a series.
remove - Removes value(s) from a series and returns after the remove.

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