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Layout - Function Summary


Return a face with a pane built from style description dialect.


layout specs


specs - Dialect block of styles, attributes, and layouts (must be: block)


/size - The size refinement.

pane-size - Size (wide and high) of pane face (must be: pair)

/offset - The offset refinement.

where - Offset of pane face (must be: pair)

/parent - The parent refinement.

new - Face style for pane (must be: object word block)

/origin - The origin refinement.

pos - Set layout origin (must be: pair)

/styles - The styles refinement.

list - Block of styles to use (must be: block)

/keep - Keep style related data

/tight - Zero offset and origin


The LAYOUT function takes a layout block as an argument and returns a layout face as a result. The block describes the layout according to the rules of the Visual Interface Dialect. The block is evaluated and a face is returned.

The result of LAYOUT is can be passed directly to the VIEW function, but it can also be set to a variable or returned as the result of a function. The line:

    block: [
        h2 "This is a Window"
        button "Close" [unview]
    view layout block

can also be written as:

    window: layout block
    view window

The result of the layout function is a face and can be used in other layouts.


show-popup stylize - Return a style sheet block.
unview - Closes window views, except main view.
view - Displays a window face.

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