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Launch - Function Summary


Launches a new REBOL interpreter process.


launch value


value - The command-line arguments (must be: any-string)


/reboot - Reserved

/uninstall - Restart with uninstall option

/link - Reserved

url - The url argument.

/quit - Launch first, then quit

/secure-cmd - Reserved

/as-is - No quotes around command line argument


The LAUNCH function is used to run REBOL scripts as a separate process. When LAUNCH is called, a new process is created and passed the script file name or URL to be processed. The process is created as a subprocess of the main REBOL process.

Launch has certain restrictions depending on the REBOL system used. Also, within Unix/Linux systems, launch will use the same shell standard files as the main REBOL process, and output will be merged.

    launch %calculator.r


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