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Dump-face - Function Summary


Print face info for entire pane. (for debugging)


dump-face face


face - The face argument. (must be: object)


This function provides an easy way to view the structure of a face object and its sub-faces. It is an alternative to MOLD and PROBE which may display far too much information.

    out-face: layout [
        h2 "Testing"
    print dump-face out-face
    Style: none Offset: 25x25 Size: 103x63 Text: none
    	 Style: h2 Offset: 20x20 Size: 63x23 Text: Testing


? - Prints information about words and values.
?? - Prints a variable name followed by its molded value. (for debugging)
dump-obj - Returns a block of information about an object.
help - Prints information about words and values.

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