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REBOL/Services = lightweight network services (LNS)


What:Provide a service oriented architecture (SOA) similar to web services but in only a few KB not GB.
Why:Powerful, but very small and easy to maintain and extend. Standard in REBOL.
How:Use REBOL's dialecting methods (tiny domain specific languages) rather than document markup (XML) or RPC/RMI.
Transport:Anything: HTTP, TCP/IP direct, even FTP or Email.
Security:Strong (RSA and AES) authentication and encryption methods.
License:BSD: Free for private and commercial uses. Use at your own risk. No warranties.
Release:Distributed in beta and in use by many developers.
Future:REBOL 3.0 will revise and further simplify REBOL/Services. They will be a resident boot module of 3.0.
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