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How to Install REBOL

Describes how to install REBOL version 2.

Installation is Optional

First, you should know that REBOL does not require installation. It is optional. You can run REBOL simply as an executable program without ever installing it, and it will work just fine.

That being said, on systems like Microsoft Windows, there are some minor advantages of installing REBOL:

Installing on Windows

To install REBOL on Windows, just run the .exe file that you downloaded earlier. You can pick a few options, such as where to locate files.

If you decide not to install REBOL, you can install it at any time in the future by opening the console window and typing install.

Similarly, you can type uninstall to uninstall it at any time.

Installing on Linux, BSD, OS X, etc.

On most other operating systems, all you need to do is unarchive the file you downloaded earlier and run it.

Here's an example of how to unarchive a tar.gz file from a shell prompt:

<linux> tar -xzf rebol-core-2602042.tar.gz

(Here's how to unarchive a gzip file.)

You can now run it by typing:

<linux> ./rebol

To see the command line options:

<linux> ./rebol -u

Once you have it running, try typing:

>> do

This downloads and runs a speed test on your system and shows the results.

Downloading REBOL/View is similar to REBOL/Core. However, the ability to run graphics may be dependent on what libraries are installed on your system. Although REBOL keeps it simple, you will need the necessary X-Windows and font libraries.

Network Proxy Setup

If your local network requires a proxy server, take a look at Internet Proxy Setup for details.

To Continue

To find out more, goto R2 Setup Guide or return to the Documentation Index and read the tutorials or other examples.

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