What is the ViewTop?

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What is the REBOL/View Distributed Desktop?

The REBOL/View Distributed Desktop is a kind of specialized Internet browser that lets you easily see content published by other REBOL users on the World Wide Reb.

The desktop makes it easy to execute distributed Internet applications located around the world. REBOL programs, utilities, documents, images, presentations, and other files and folders appear in the desktop as icons. These icons can be executed or viewed with a single mouse click. That's right, a single click, not a double click.

The REBOL/View desktop currently runs across 27 different computer system platforms.

For developers, the desktop offers a way to distribute and share programs and content. It uses standard Internet protocols for exchanging information; any web server can be used to publish REBOL/View desktop content.

The desktop is also an example of what can be built with REBOL. It is a REBOL X-Internet application which just happens to be bundled with the REBOL/View distribution package. Its source code is open, so you can enhance it; extend it; learn from it.

What is the World Wide Reb?

The Reb is a world wide network of REBOL content, distributed computing applications, documentation, and services. All of these are made available through the REBOL desktop.

The Reb is an open network. Anyone who has access to a web server can publish content that will be available to anyone else using the REBOL/View desktop, no matter where they are in the world.

Creating distributed desktop content is easier than creating HTML pages. The format for doing so is described here.

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