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REBOL/View Viewtop (Distributed Desktop)

What is the Viewtop?

REBOL is a system-independent, lightweight distributed computing platform. It's like a virtual operating system that spans computers on the Internet. The REBOL/View Desktop is a kind of specialized Internet browser that lets you easily see content published by other REBOL users on the World Wide Reb.

Learn more about the REBOL/View Desktop

Using the Viewtop

The REBOL/View desktop (viewtop) has three main areas.

For more, see Using the ViewTop.

Creating your own Rebsite

It's easy -- even easier than creating a website. Rebsites are different than websites. Learn more about Publishing on the Reb.

Special Hints and Tips

We have more hints and tips for you, when you're ready to take the next step with REBOL.

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