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The REBOL Community

REBOL has an active community of developers worldwide from many different backgrounds and professions.
It's an informal group and you are invited to join.

Script Collections

    Hundreds of working programs and examples. Code to use and learn from. Includes the REBOL email list archive (1998-2010) and AltME discussions.
    Professional, well written script libraries, including the Cheyenne web server, MySQL Driver, Windows Services support library, Visual Captcha, Scheduler, Uniserve multiprotocol server, and more.
    A useful collection of well-written tools and programs, including Google charts, Twitter client, Bundling REBOL apps in OS X, QuarterMaster web apps, and much more.
    Source code project archive site, including interfaces for OpenDBX, HylaFAX, JDBC bridge, SOAP, and more.
  • Dobeash Development Tools
    Home of RebDB, small but highly efficient database; SQLite Driver, provides native REBOL access to SQLite databases; RebGUI, a lightweight alternative to VID.
  • Power Mezz
    A collection of useful scripts and modules shared with the REBOL community. No need to reinvent the wheel. By Gabriele Santilli.
  • Suggest one...

Discussion Forums

Most REBOLers use REBOL-based forums for discussions and private communication:


Non-English Documents


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