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Snapshot of Recode 2013 in Montreal

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Jul-2013 18:23 GMT

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Recode 2013 was excellent. The presentations where educational, insightful, and quite a bit entertaining.

I'd like to thank Max, who was the main driver behind the conference, and also everyone who was involved in all parts of making this happen. Obviously a lot of work and preparation were required. I'd also very much like to thank Relavance and Coginov for supporting the conference this year.

Personally, I learned quite a lot at the conference... about how Rebol is being used in real world applications like human language semantic parsing of huge numbers of documents or processing 3 million pounds of yogurt:

David explains real world factory automation made easier by Rebol

And, of course, the crowd ate it up...

Attendees watch in awe at Recode 2013

We also learned about Nenad's latest progress on Red and Red/System:

Nenad updates us on Red

The appearance of Professor Rebmu (expert in data, language, and thought compression) provided some brain-twisting excitement:

Professor Rebmu's very tiny Angry Birds (only 10 levels though)

Overall, as we met, discussed, and arm wrestled, I think the roadmap for Rebol became a lot more clear.

Nenad and Adrian examine the roadmap, Cindy wonders.

Later we toured Montreal and Quebec City. Both are beautiful cities.

Carl and Cindy tour Montreal

I'm sorry if you missed this conference. It was worthwhile. I'm already looking forward to the next. I've heard Vienna has been suggested?


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