Comments on: Snapshot of Recode 2013 in Montreal
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Comments on: Snapshot of Recode 2013 in Montreal

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Jul-2013 18:23 GMT

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Recode 2013 was excellent. The presentations where educational, insightful, and quite a bit entertaining.

I'd like to thank Max, who was the main driver behind the conference, and also everyone who was involved in all parts of making this happen. Obviously a lot of work and preparation were required. I'd also very much like to thank Relavance and Coginov for supporting the conference this year.

Personally, I learned quite a lot at the conference... about how Rebol is being used in real world applications like human language semantic parsing of huge numbers of documents or processing 3 million pounds of yogurt:

David explains real world factory automation made easier by Rebol

And, of course, the crowd ate it up...

Attendees watch in awe at Recode 2013

We also learned about Nenad's latest progress on Red and Red/System:

Nenad updates us on Red

The appearance of Professor Rebmu (expert in data, language, and thought compression) provided some brain-twisting excitement:

Professor Rebmu's very tiny Angry Birds (only 10 levels though)

Overall, as we met, discussed, and arm wrestled, I think the roadmap for Rebol became a lot more clear.

Nenad and Adrian examine the roadmap, Cindy wonders.

Later we toured Montreal and Quebec City. Both are beautiful cities.

Carl and Cindy tour Montreal

I'm sorry if you missed this conference. It was worthwhile. I'm already looking forward to the next. I've heard Vienna has been suggested?



21-Jul-2013 13:45:10
Very nice and accurate story of the Recode 2013 devcon. :-)
21-Jul-2013 22:30:18
Sorry I missed it, maybe some other year.
22-Jul-2013 2:38:07
Thanks for the report!

Glad to see some clearance and no speed limits on the RedBol roadmap! ;-)

Sorry I wasn't there. I'll try my best to come to Vienna, at the heart of old Europe.

Dr. Rebmu
23-Jul-2013 7:21:24
WSgdEVNT&nce2MTcrtrsOFrbl&RD whnWLbVNNAconf
25-Jul-2013 9:08:10
Is it jsut me, or are Dcotor Rue'bms seteecnns aslbluteoy ucmensibhropnele ??
26-Jul-2013 13:28:59
WSgdEVNT&nce2MTcrtrsOFrbl&RD whnWLbVNNAconf
Trying too hard to be cool?


28-Jul-2013 10:33:14
26-Jul-2013 13:28:59

Both anonymous AND ignorant of the doctor's great theories? For shame.

28-Jul-2013 22:51:34

Are you really defending some unreadable gibberish? amazing...

Tell you what: Next time Ronald McDonald put a cipher toy in
the Happy Meal, I will get one.

You blame me for staying anonymous? Are you THAT ignorant
of the fact the name field is not validated?

30-Jul-2013 3:49:02
Looking forward for next event. Vienna would be a great place that europeans can reach easly.
31-Jul-2013 8:38:35
Four-hyphens, please read about Rebmu, which was presented at the aforementioned conference:

It puts Rebol in the game for code golfing, a semi-popular pursuit for those in the programming puzzle community, trying to express code in as few key"strokes" as possible. For instance, this is a non-palindrome string reverser... that can reverse a string even when the source code itself is reversed:

a VR :rv AvrA

When the dialect is processed in the forward direction, it effectively says:

a               ; evaluate A, as it is a string it has no side effects
vr: :reverse    ; "set" VR to mean what a "get" of REVERSE means now
a: vr a         ; assign A to calling VR on A, effectively reversing
                ;   ^-- result of assign is last expression, the answer!

Reversing the source to ArvA vr: RV a:

a: reverse a    ; assign A to its reversal
vr: rv: a       ; make the abbreviation VR equal to assignment of A to RV
                ;   ^-- result of assign is last expression, the answer!

The palindromic solution is simpler: rnRVaVRnr but it "cheats" a bit since it doesn't actually run all the code on both paths. RN is short for return and so the fact that VR and NR are unbound is ignored. This was penalized in that particular contest, to avoid somewhat similar solutions of the form:


Rebmu is a Rebol teaching and evangelism tool, and plays to its strengths in brevity (with a brief executable, to boot). The Dr. Rebmu persona is intended as a if the language creator was someone with a vendetta against being given a long name by his parents who exacts revenge with his theories on language. If you don't get it, that's fine, just ask.

On a greater point, you will miss a lot of interesting things in life if you just go around assuming people are stupid. I'd be cautious in making assumptions if you weren't at the event in question. And anonymous attacks are far less productive than building something cool to help promote and test the limits of Rebol.

(Note that in Dr. Rebmu's original "English compression theory", he used the initial run of capitalization to indicate a declarative statement, with an initial run of lowercase to indicate a question.)

31-Jul-2013 17:52:50

Oh wow... I misjudged everything. Sorry.
Thanks for the link, interesting readings.

1-Aug-2013 12:53:55
Four hyphens, no problem. Do join us in the StackOverflow chat... we'll keep you current on all the Rebol/Red news fit to print (and often that which is unfit to print, but that's why it's ephemeral...if it's actually important we'll put it somewhere else, like an issue tracker or Q&A or something):

We'll have Carl's presentation online soon, hopefully (as well as Dr. Rebmu's...)

Vladimir Janković
11-Aug-2013 9:25:45
Will there be any videos available online ?

It would really help us understand where is Rebol going these days.

11-Aug-2013 21:46:41
Hi Vladimir... best way to keep up (in my opinion) is the chat room on StackOverflow. We have a "starred post" feed which is based on votes on the notable moments, making it more feasible to catch up amongst the ephemeral chatter (while still being able to read the surrounding context).

Audio/Video editing takes time, but here's a cut of Carl's talk:

I will try to do more, and Max was going to do some too. If we're too slow the next conference might be underway before we finish. :-)

12-Aug-2013 0:11:06
You can then pretend it is broadcasted live ;-)
Vladimir Janković
12-Aug-2013 15:41:23
Hey Fork, thanks for that preview!

ps. If next conference really happens in Vienna, it will be around 6500Km closer than this one, so I'll definitely try to attend ;)

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