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Release of 2.7.8

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Jan-2011 1:07 GMT

Article #0502
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Happy new year everyone. Wow, 2011. I probably should post some reflections of the past year or a plan of the new year, but instead, I've decided to go ahead and finish the release of 2.7.8... because it has various fixes and additions that are useful to everyone.

While it is always possible to do more for a release, if you're not careful, you get stuck in a loop: there's always one more thing to do. And when you do that, there's always one more. It never ends, and you never release it. So rather than do that, I've decided to move ahead with the release.

Many thanks to Brian Hawley for his additions and improvements to the mezzanine functions -- many of which provide R3-like features. Please be sure to note the R3-style funct function (default local variables), and you may never use func again (default global variables.)

Also, if there's a bug you really wanted fixed, and it's not been fixed, sorry about that. Somehow the importance of your bug got lost. Note that if all you did was post it to an AltME world or other chat area, I don't have time to scan all those. Instead post it to the bug DB or send a web feedback. Hopefully we can get it into the next go-around.

In addition, I should note that I coordinated with DocKimbel to make sure that REBOL/Core 2.7.8 is capable of running Cheyenne directly, even if you need to setuid out of root for security reasons (on non-Win32 systems.)


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