Comments on: Release of 2.7.8
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Comments on: Release of 2.7.8

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Jan-2011 1:07 GMT

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Happy new year everyone. Wow, 2011. I probably should post some reflections of the past year or a plan of the new year, but instead, I've decided to go ahead and finish the release of 2.7.8... because it has various fixes and additions that are useful to everyone.

While it is always possible to do more for a release, if you're not careful, you get stuck in a loop: there's always one more thing to do. And when you do that, there's always one more. It never ends, and you never release it. So rather than do that, I've decided to move ahead with the release.

Many thanks to Brian Hawley for his additions and improvements to the mezzanine functions -- many of which provide R3-like features. Please be sure to note the R3-style funct function (default local variables), and you may never use func again (default global variables.)

Also, if there's a bug you really wanted fixed, and it's not been fixed, sorry about that. Somehow the importance of your bug got lost. Note that if all you did was post it to an AltME world or other chat area, I don't have time to scan all those. Instead post it to the bug DB or send a web feedback. Hopefully we can get it into the next go-around.

In addition, I should note that I coordinated with DocKimbel to make sure that REBOL/Core 2.7.8 is capable of running Cheyenne directly, even if you need to setuid out of root for security reasons (on non-Win32 systems.)



Dr. K
1-Jan-2011 21:00:16
On ya! Reb 2 lives! Viva!!
2-Jan-2011 5:14:49
a great way to start my new year - thanks
2-Jan-2011 7:18:54
funct .. that's what I always wanted!!
2-Jan-2011 7:24:49
Happy new year, and thanks for the improved Cheyenne support!
2-Jan-2011 7:25:37
Is there a SDK 2.7.8 release pening ad well?
2-Jan-2011 8:45:37
Thanks for this work.
2-Jan-2011 10:57:06
Cheyenne is one of the few projects which can show the power of Rebol.

Thanks Carl for paying such a close attention on it!

I wish all the Rebolers a Fertile New Year!

Brian Hawley
2-Jan-2011 11:51:06
Maarten, yes, there is an SDK already. Windows builds only for the moment, with other platforms to come very soon. The changes page hasn't been updated yet.
2-Jan-2011 12:05:53
The core is fine on my XP SP3 but the view EXE (downloaded twice) reports as not valid Win32 app; I inspected the exe file layout and did not see an obvious issue ... is this particular to XP on Windows?
Brian Hawley
2-Jan-2011 16:05:02
Based on testing, it might be specific to you, Robert. Noone else has been able so far to replicate the problem you are having. Based on the symptoms, it might even be a virus on your system. Get in touch on AltME so we can help diagnose the problem.
Carl Sassenrath
3-Jan-2011 0:00:25
Thanks for the encouragement. It helps to hear that feedback.

Also, just a note... this blog is the only announcement of the 2.7.8 release until we get confirmation that it is working well for most users.

We'll get the docs together very soon, and make a bigger announcement (on home page) once we've confirmed that.

RobertS: I just downloaded and tried it here on XP SP3 -- ran fine. I cannot explain why your copy does not work. Try downloading the .zip version and see if that works. It's the same path, except use .zip instead of .exe.

3-Jan-2011 1:27:36
I just downloaded & tried, it works well on my XP/Pro SP3.

Just as a note, it didn't detect that prev. version was already installed. But when I installed onto same folder it gets old prefs. So, no problem.

3-Jan-2011 6:25:04
a gift from K-Meleon browser - downloaded with IE8 fine. Sorry - I tried a repeat download and got same file size, same issue. Suggestion: if we posted a byte size or checksum I might have seen that at the web page ... Windows was reporting 801 Kb in Explorer when it should have shown its 844 Kb - even that would have helped. Sorry Carl, - thought I was being helpful. Thanks, Brian.
3-Jan-2011 6:37:45
Thank you guys! Very happy new year :)
3-Jan-2011 7:32:07
both running fine on my Ubuntu 'maverick' netbook ( I always leave core named rebol and flip the full rebol to the name view, FWIW )
Brian Hawley
3-Jan-2011 15:39:42
Some browsers don't redownload even if the first download failed - they just grab the failed one from cache. To fully redownload on those browsers you first have to clear the cache. Chrome used to have this problem in versions 1 or 2. You might want to report this as a bug report to the K-Meleon crew, or just switch to Chrome or Firefox :)

Endo, we didn't fix the View installer yet for this version (the changes doc hadn't yet been updated with that info when last I checked). The installer hasn't worked properly for the whole 2.7 series, though it might have improved a little in 2.7.7. Getting the installer fixed is a big priority for the next version.

3-Jan-2011 16:07:53
Just downloaded and tried it, and it works like a charm. And there still is a link to the RIX search engine, WOW! ... but alas, it didn't work, because the domaine changed, about... eight years ago?

I haven't done anything with the search engine code for years, but the script still seems to run, somehow. I'm flattered the link is still there, Carl, but if that's a choice you've made, you might consider updating the URL. The correct server is is down again
3-Jan-2011 18:26:36 is not working again
3-Jan-2011 20:34:55
Thanks Carl and Brian + all the others who made this possible.

4-Jan-2011 0:27:40
Happy new year 2011 everyone !!

Please take some minutes of your time to read my comments on this post thank you.

5-Jan-2011 1:36:32
Brian, is there installer only in Windows version? If so, what about removing the installer completely from View? I do setup packages for our products in my company for 8 years, I did lots of installers using Inno Setup. So we can make a setup package for Rebol/View AND a version with no setup just like Core.
Brian Hawley
5-Jan-2011 3:05:28
Endo, the main problem is View's runtime registry usage even after it is installed. It looks for its keys in the wrong places (first reported in 2000). It's a quick fix after a long bout of research, with extensive testing afterwards. Plus, since this is R2 I have to set up Win9x VMs to test on as well (we really mean it when we say R2 is constrained by backwards compatibility). We also have to check where Core puts its registry settings, and migrate old registry settings to the new places. The actual copying of files is minor by comparison.
15-Jul-2012 21:19:33
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3-Aug-2012 2:45:07
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8-Nov-2012 21:45:50
Just downloaded and tried it, and it works like a charm. And there still is a link to the RIX search engine, WOW! ... but alas, it didn't work, because the domaine changed, about... Bunbury

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