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Dumped Chrome, Opera Now

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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6-May-2010 14:45 GMT

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I finally gave up on Google Chrome... for a variety of reasons.

For a company whose motto is "do no evil" I'm not sure how they justify the... well, let's just call them "mysterious network connections" back to their servers. I'm not really one to be paranoid, but just do a netstat when Chrome is running. They're watching everything. Sure you can tone it down in the options, but even with all the "spy modes" turned off, it's still connecting back to 1e100.

Of course, that issue alone wasn't enough to drop it. Chrome isn't that great for wiki's, which I use constantly... mainly because a back-page loses track of your current edit position (resets all text-area offsets.) It also had quite a few printing problems. I sent them various feedbacks, but you know how that goes.

I've switched to Opera this time. I tried it several years ago, but it had a few issues. Opera's come a long way since then! So far (it's only been a couple days) I'm impressed. It's a clean design with useful features, and a very nice inspector (Dragonfly.) Google could learn a few things from these guys.

Now, if it only did client-size text-area resizing... it would be perfect.

I guess I'm picky.


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