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A few blog changes, including no preview captcha

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Apr-2010 18:31 GMT

Article #0473
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Have you ever been annoyed posting comments to this blog? Well, I have, and I wrote the code.

Over the last few days on the R3 blog, while discussing context self reflection, I think the strictness of the comment mechanism got in the way for many of us.

So, a couple minor improvements have been added:

  1. If you submit a comment, you don't need the captcha to preview your submission, only for posting the final comment.
  2. With the captcha addition, I've dialed down the abuse detectors, including the submission timers and link counters. Let's see how it goes.

Please watch for new abuse. To report it, click on the weekly or monthly comment review to mark the offending comments. Thanks.


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