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IMPORTANT: R3 Chat server problem - restarted!

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Feb-2010 19:48 GMT

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Yesterday, when testing R3 on Windows 7, I had a problem with R3 Chat (DevBase). When downloading the message base, it would timeout. I remember this problem was fixed back in April of last year!

Checking with the info command, it confirmed my concern: the server was running an older version!

Apparently, when the hardware was rebooted on Nov 17, it restarted an older version of the DevBase server. This was the one that made it difficult for new users to sync up on the message base.

Unfortunately, I did not see any messages from users about this problem... and it makes me wonder how many new user accounts were successful syncing up.

So, please note:

If you tried to use R3 Chat over the last couple months, and it failed, please try again now.


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