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Internet speed decay -- We need a script!

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Feb-2010 20:25 GMT

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Each month I've seen the Internet get slower and slower. The problem is not our local computers or even our internal networks. It's happening on the Internet side of our gateway/NATs... but could be just specific routes or destination servers. It's difficult to tell.

I've finally decided that I need to run a few network monitoring scripts on our servers. I think they can be quite simple, simply connecting to various other web servers (in the world of REBOL) and storing/averaging time differences. The script can be written in REBOL in less than a page. Perhaps when it connects to other servers, it could grab their timing info and store it as well.

For example, on the time-net.r script could run via cron and read via HTTP the time-data.r file from,, and various other servers. It then updates its own time-data.r file. (That way, by looking at the result for one server, I can see other server summaries as well.)

I'm hoping that someone in the REBOL community has already written such a script, so I don't have to write it myself. As you know, my todo list is overflowing.

I'm sure there are many other webmasters and IT people who might use such a script as well.

So, post a comment if you have such a script! We all thank you.


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