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Happy New Year and Happy New R2 Release!

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Jan-2010 20:21 GMT

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I'd like to take a moment to wish all of you the very best for the new year.

It's 2010! Can you believe it? Funny how "the future catches up to you" -- a kind of time warp -- if you know what I mean. Mental connections that span across time, like tunnels, where suddenly you're at the other side, and you can look directly back at where you were. Both sides connected.

So, to kick off 2010 on the right foot, we have a new release of R2: Version 2.7.7.

As I mentioned earlier, the main purpose of this release is to make TLS/SSL (transport layer security) available in REBOL/View to make a range of secure reblets possible and freely distributable by and to anyone. TLS is a standard part of the web now, so we felt it best to release it as a standard part of REBOL/View.

In addition, Brian Hawley has added a major portion of his R2/Forward mezzanine package that gives R2 many of the useful functions of R3. One function that I'll personally use often is funct, the R3 method of defining functions where all in-context set-word variables are by default local. But, there are many other useful features, and it also helps prepare users for features that are an integral and native part of R3.

Summary of V 2.7 Changes

Keep on rock'n and REBOLing in 2010!


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