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A MakeDoc Decision Needed

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Dec-2009 0:11 GMT

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I have a question for MakeDoc users...

All of our websites are built using MakeDoc. Recently, to support the new R3 document wiki, MakeDoc was enhanced. One enhancement was intended to make MakeDoc markup a bit more compatible with MediaWiki (the wiki used for DocBase on

Specifically, the top level heading markup:


was changed to:


as standard in MediaWiki.

However, this is problematic, because it is the same syntax as used for a console output line, which makes the line a different color, as shown here:

The lines:

print 123
==  123


print 123

So, one thing leads to the next. This required R3 Docs to use just a single "=" followed by spaces or a tab for console response.

As we proceed to update the entire website we need to make a decision on this. Keep it as "===" or change it to "=="?

It's a simple question, but not so simple to answer.

Converting the docs is the easy part.

PS: I must admit I prefer the "===" because it is easier to see when scrolling through large documents.


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