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What do you think of the Google Chrome browser?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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23-Oct-2009 19:17 GMT

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Ok... I've been running Google's Chrome browser for a few months now. That's about how long it takes these days to form a solid opinion of a web browser.

In general, I like Chrome. I like the simple uncluttered window top/toolbars (I've been preaching that approach for years, so nice to see it.) And, each tab is a protected/sandboxed process, so when they hang or go goofy, you can terminate them easily. Also, the ability to resize text input forms is quite handy for wiki and blog editing.

On the other side... well, it's easy to be critical... so I tend to bite my tongue and hope to see a bit more polish from those software mega-companies. Like every techie/guru, I send bug reports and enhancement requests back to Google... to vanish to into the void. When I do post blogs like this, it's often because I want to hear your comments and perspective (and maybe even some fixes to my gripes, because who has the time to find them all?)

My short list of gripes are:

  • When using input forms and going back a page, return to my prior edit point. Firefox got this right, and it's quite useful with wiki and blog editing. Yes, I know... you're not supposed to do that on forms, but gurus will be gurus... we know that for some software systems (e.g. REBOL CGI) that method works quite nicely and saves the extra navigation step and page reload.
  • Let me edit the contents of the Chrome "startup page"! (They call it the "Home" page, bad name guys.) Sure, the miniature views are nice, but you're second-guessing my usage, and normally you get it wrong. I constantly want to find a way to edit that page... and there's probably some secret way to do so, one would hope.
  • Merge the Control current page and Customize Chrome icons (or make it an option.) Half the time most of us can't remember which is which for what we want. We end up clicking both to find our desired action. Just make it a general "everything else" button. I'm serious. And, if you want me to be even more serious, don't make it pull-down, make it a full sub-window that's masterfully formatted based on most common actions for the most common workflow.
  • When I ask for the source to a page, show me the actual source from the buffer! Don't go back and ask the server... because that doesn't work for many types of websites. WYSINWYG (what you see is not what you got.)
  • Get it working on OS X. (Perhaps it is by now?)
  • Make it work with older printers (it tends to overflow the printer's buffer causing the print to abort... and it's the only software I run that has that particular problem.)

There are a few other little things that pop up from time to time, but I'm sure they'll get fixed.

Ok, so post your thoughts below. Feel free to mention your favorites, but no browser wars, ok? Everyone's got an opinion.


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