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REBOL3 status now on Twitter

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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9-Jun-2009 22:05 GMT

Article #0410
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Today I decided to try something new: To post some status notes on R3 chat, to help the developer base follow what's going on. (It's in 4474.) It was kind of an experiment.

But, it soon became clear that these postings would create a lot of noise on the R3 Chat channels, which I value highly because they are zero noise. I keep R3 chat open at all times on all systems, and watch for anything important -- so keeping it low noise is critical (and ironically does not lead me to build a GUI for it any time soon.)

A guess what I'm doing is really just tweeting (to use the current vernacular for this action.) It reminds me a lot like the old REBOL/IOS user status app that was useful for seeing what people were doing. I always thought that concept was useful, but I also thought I was the only one who thought that way. (Which is why it's so minimized in AltME.)

Anyway... why not just open a twitter channel and keep the status noise off the R3 Chat? (Then magically within minutes, REBOLer Petr makes the same suggestion.)

So, thus appears:

Well... it's really only for a few people anyway and maybe just for Petr. We will see.

And, of course this is just experimental. So, no promises.

Also, if anyone has a reblet that let's me directly post to my twitter channel, that would be very handy. I'm a little hyper about efficiency, so if I have to wait 10 seconds for a web page to open to post a tweet, I've already moved on to the next task. (That's why I was using R3, because it opens so quickly.)


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