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R3.0 Plan for June 2009

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
8-Jun-2009 21:21 GMT

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During May:

Progress on R3 jumped to a new level with five new releases and more than 100 bug and enhancement tickets fixed or implemented. This work was done with the dedication of the REBOL community, which has become much more active in R3 testing and the bug handling process. We would like to thank everyone who was involved.

In addition, three of the main design components for plugins were implemented during the month. R3 is now loading DLLs (the mechanism used for plugins), scans for proper signature (REBOL header of specific type), and imports the plugin module specification (similar to normal modules). A new datatype was added that provides a special type of function used to interface between REBOL and plugin functions. As I mentioned in last month's report, it's been an interesting process.

Goals for June

It is essential to get the plugin system running this month. The priority of this task may not seem that obvious, so let me explain.

I'm constantly thinking about how we can speed up the development process for R3. We need a greater level of parallel development of its features. Or, stated another way, I don't want to be the "bottleneck" for specific improvements (although I will continue to keep watch over all features, to be sure they adhere to the "REBOL way". Lean, but powerful.)

Keep in mind that the plugin architecture enables more than just plugins. It also provides the interface mechanism for other features of the system, such as graphics, rich-text, networking, file I/O, codecs, encryption, and more. The same mechanism powers both external and internal components (but part of the open source host library), and that's what makes it such a high priority.

We will also continue with bug fixing, but not at the same level of intensity as during May. For example, some improvements for math functions are already in the works, and other major bugs will get our attention.

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