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REBOL in China (Chinese)

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Apr-2008 16:56 GMT

Article #0362
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For several years now we've received feedback from people in China asking about REBOL, and more specifically when REBOL would be able to work with better on Chinese computers. We were quite surprised how many messages we received.

Our reply to people was: we need REBOL 3.0 with Unicode in order to handle Chinese.

However, that has not stopped Jerry Tsai, who has found ways to make REBOL useful with Chinese already, and has become one of our main alpha testers for REBOL 3.0.

What Jerry has been doing is impressive, and he has been a major contributor in feedback regarding design issues of R3, in more than just Unicode but other areas as well. I really like his insights and ideas.

Jerry has also been writing a blog and publishing articles about REBOL throughout eastern Asia. He has his own Chinese REBOL blog going, with a variety of articles written in Chinese, and it is updated often. To read it in English, click the translate link on the right side; it does a good job translating.

Jerry has also offered to help us promote REBOL throughout China. (I guess I need to learn Chinese now too, in addition to the French I am learning, n'est-ce pas?)

Thanks Jerry, and keep REBOLing!


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