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REBOL Blog Celebrates Two Years of Counting

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Jan-2007 19:26 GMT

Article #0316
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Today Vive la REBOLution celebrates two years of page hit counting.

The counter currently shows "353972 visits since 4-Jan-2005". Not bad, considering that number is about 25% of the actual blog hits. We don't count RSS feeds or direct HTML page hits (the page references you see if you go directly to an article or find it via Google or other search engines.)

I sometimes think I should reset the hit counter each new year, but then it wouldn't look so impressive. What do you think?

This last year also saw the birth of two additional blogs: REBOL 3.0 and REBOL Updates. They are a good way to keep this main channel free from the noisy details.

All in all, I think the REBOL blog has been an interesting and useful communication tool. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their comments to the articles over the last few months (since that feature has been available). That's made the blog even more fun and interesting to REBOLers worldwide.

And, don't forget...

You can freely download and use this blogging software for your own sites. The whole system is only 29K of code! (And, a lot of that is just configuration settings and HTML templates.)

All you need is to make a few configuration changes and put the tiny little REBOL/Core on your server. Then, you're be in business with your own worldwide blogcasting network.


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