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Greetings for 2007

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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2-Jan-2007 21:13 GMT

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I hope you had an enjoyable new year's day.

The day was quite interesting for me. I had time to gain a lot of insights and ideas... as I spent most of the day reinstalling XP and the other multiple OSes on one of my primary development systems.

It's kind of enjoyable really. A lot like fishing. You sit back for long periods, seemingly forever, and wait for the bite. It makes you want to light-up a cigar or pipe, if only those were considered healthy these days. And, as the hours pass, you actually get the chance to interact from time to time. A few nibbles here and there... enter your password or IP address. Reboot to continue.

It seems like it's going well, but inevitably, your hook gets snagged on an XP driver branch and your ethernet vanishes with your screen size maxing out at 800. So, you snap the line and start over.

Seems good... you reel in XP, but then a huge and ugly X11 fish comes along, tangles your config... only because you're not quite sure of the exact metal alloy of the hook or the radius of its curve. But, somehow you figure it out, get it untangled, and wow... you cannot imagine how good it feels to hear XFree86 engage the monitor relays at 1600.

Yes, you know it's really happening.... you are so close. The big one smells the bait. It's in the realm of possibilities now. You might even get some work done today or even eat dinner... but, along comes some nasty OpenBSD eel and devours the whole bucket of master boot records. It's all lost. "Boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter."

But... being the professional fisherman OS dude that you are, you sit back and take it in stride. Reflectively. Such is life, isn't it? After all, the year is only 2007! What do we expect by now, flying cars? What, do you think preemptive multitasking was an integral part of your OS in 1985? No, it took decades for such advances. Am I right? So, get out that regedit and start scraping those fish scales. Oh wait, you missed one... whoops... you're now part of a DoS attack.

Well... at least FireFox has improved to 2.0... and I'm editing this on Debian. So, there is much to be grateful.

The very best wishes to you for a wonderfully productive and enjoyable 2007. Some exciting things will happen this year. Let's make sure of that.


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