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New Blog Comment Method Installed

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Aug-2006 4:36 GMT

Article #0287
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I'm testing a new comment method that I've just added here.

Unfortunately, I needed to change the comment method because not all browsers can deal with the javascript that was being provided by Haloscan. For example, my cellphone (a Blackberry) can't handle it. (I like to be able to read your comments from anywhere.)

Note that I wrote this blog.r enhancement rather hastily after dinner tonight, so it is likely to have a few rough edges. Also, I've kept the system open to make it easy for people to post comments, but if you see abuse, please contact me via feedback.

Comments can include some of the more common HTML tags, but all other tags are limited. We can expand these capabilities later. For instance, it would be nice to allow MakeDoc format and also auto-detect URLS. Hopefully, I can get someone else to make those additions, as my time is better used on other REBOL projects right now.

Additionally, I will find a way to import the prior comments, so we don't lose that important history here.


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