Comments on: New Blog Comment Method Installed
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: New Blog Comment Method Installed

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Aug-2006 4:36 GMT

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I'm testing a new comment method that I've just added here.

Unfortunately, I needed to change the comment method because not all browsers can deal with the javascript that was being provided by Haloscan. For example, my cellphone (a Blackberry) can't handle it. (I like to be able to read your comments from anywhere.)

Note that I wrote this blog.r enhancement rather hastily after dinner tonight, so it is likely to have a few rough edges. Also, I've kept the system open to make it easy for people to post comments, but if you see abuse, please contact me via feedback.

Comments can include some of the more common HTML tags, but all other tags are limited. We can expand these capabilities later. For instance, it would be nice to allow MakeDoc format and also auto-detect URLS. Hopefully, I can get someone else to make those additions, as my time is better used on other REBOL projects right now.

Additionally, I will find a way to import the prior comments, so we don't lose that important history here.



Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 0:44:25
A test comment.
Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 0:50:51
If this proves to be stable, I will move this over to the REBOL 3.0 blog as well.
17-Aug-2006 2:54:43
17-Aug-2006 2:58:35
Great !
Much more easy than Haloscan !
17-Aug-2006 5:10:20
It looks very fine. To recover the Haloscan comments, please ask Anton Rolls who have made a script to parse haloscan pages and extract the data.
17-Aug-2006 7:48:12
Seems fine here. I like being able to post the comment in the blog itself.
17-Aug-2006 7:50:56
Can you reverse the buttons? Put the "Preview" button on the right, with the "Cancel" button to the left, please? That way it would flow better. Also, in the Preview section, have the buttons "Cancel", "Preview" and "Post", with "Preview" as being the default button.
17-Aug-2006 7:52:20
The post times are wrong. I see the seven posts above as all having "17-Aug-2006 7:50:56" as the post time.
17-Aug-2006 7:53:17
The post time for all posts is when the last post was made, which is wrong.
17-Aug-2006 8:06:53
This is mighty fancy. :-) Much nicer than the Halo scan thingy.
17-Aug-2006 8:08:14
About the timestamps, could that be the good old string not copied trap? :-)
17-Aug-2006 8:15:03
The timestamp seems to be the current time, not when the last post was made. The time changes when the page is reloaded.
17-Aug-2006 9:04:19

NOTE: should add alternate colors to the table row.

17-Aug-2006 13:38:23
Everything about REBOL is meta-something. Here's a comment on the comments...0-o-o< Simple as possible, but no simpler. Only REBOL makes it the best possible!
Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 13:59:43
Ok, thanks, glad you like it. Yes, simple is best. A few replies to your messages:
  1. If I can figure out how to reach Anton, I'll ask him. Problem is, I need to get it done ASAP because most comments are now unreachable.
  2. Will change the button order as you requested.
  3. Yep, times are wrong! Missed that bug. It is probably using NOW, which I put in there to test the interface prior to the data files. Will fix.
  4. Alternating colors... yep, easy.
  5. Thanks Steve, I agree!
  6. Will switch the other blog (R3.0), once this one is tested well enough.
Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 14:46:36
Button order changed per above request. (However, it seems strange having the primary choice second.)

Note: I am not familiar with how to set the default.

17-Aug-2006 15:09:16

as for html element giving a focus:

Never did it myself, so sorry for not giving more stright advice ...

17-Aug-2006 15:17:20

as for html element giving a focus:

Never did it myself, so sorry for not giving more stright advice ...

17-Aug-2006 15:23:35
uh, reloading the page posted data once again, sorry :-(

As for buttons - I am not sure - I don't like not having Post button on the first page. I don't want to preview most of the time :-) e.g. other forum I know has following set-up:

preview post cancel (cancel on the right side)


17-Aug-2006 15:39:38
Testing some html. How about URL autodetection? A little bit of PARSE could do that.

There should probably also be something to avoid spamming.

Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 16:04:23
Actually, the preview mode (and no direct posting) is there mainly to filter out spam postings, but we'll need something more serious eventually.

Anyone know a simple easy way to fix the page reload from reposting the message? I suppose I could simply look for a dup posting.

17-Aug-2006 16:17:33
I don't know if redirecting would work? After the comment is posted, go to a simple "Comment Posted, click here if the blog entry doesn't load, blahblah." page which then redirects to the blog entry.

XOOPS forum does that. It's a bit clunky though.

17-Aug-2006 16:34
Great idea, Carl!

> Anyone know a simple easy way to fix the page reload from reposting the message? I suppose I could simply look for a dup posting.

As you preview before posting the real post form can contain an hidden field with an unique ID. Keeping a file with the last 15 IDs loaded and saved to a series! will identify duplicates even when more than one user is posting a comment at the same time.


Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 17:48:46
Thanks for the suggestions. Will do.
17-Aug-2006 18:49:54
Another thing: Is this system going to be made available anywhere? I love the simplicity of it.
Boney M
17-Aug-2006 20:35:48
I have been more focused on the severe drought of blog posts on rather than the accessibilty of the comments. The blogs on are billed as \\\"Updated Often\\\", but it\\\'s all relative I suppose.
Carl Sassenrath
17-Aug-2006 20:42:54
Henrik: I will add a link to the current source code so you can always get the latest. Watch for the link in the footer bar of this blog.

Boney M: Sorry, it's summertime and REBOL 3.0 time, and so much more. BTW, whats with the \\\ escapes? Is that a common escape?

Brian Hawley
18-Aug-2006 0:44:49
I'm not sure this will work here, but when I do view/edit pages on other platforms I follow the POST action with a server-side redirect to a GET page. Those other platforms are a little high-level so I'm not sure how to do this in REBOL.
18-Aug-2006 2:54:14
Brian, that'd be the best way to avoid duplicates -- do a redirect (post a 'Status 302' response with an accompanying Location header) on a successful comment.

Carl, probably even further down your list of priorities: render comments to RSS also -- comments from all posts in one comments feed was a useful feature of Haloscan...

Carl Sassenrath
18-Aug-2006 3:29:50
The dup problem is fixed. Uses a hash checksum.

Chris, I was wondering if anyone wanted RSS comment feed. I wonder how many would use it?

Boney M
18-Aug-2006 9:24:51
Thanks for your reply Carl.

REBOL is proprietary, so when the proprietor takes a month long holiday in silence, it is natural for people to wonder if the project remains active.

If I build commercial products or have clients for REBOL, I might worry the risk of closed-source and based on labor of one person to be too great.

Welcome back.

Carl Sassenrath
18-Aug-2006 11:27:22
Thanks. REBOL 3.0 is changing that, in a big way.
18-Aug-2006 13:44:21
Is searchable comments too much to add?
21-Aug-2006 17:45:33
Testing the new blogger comments, looks very simple and easy to use so far...
Carl Sassenrath
22-Aug-2006 2:42:44
We can make comments searchable as well. But first, there has been a request to allow the comments to only appear when requested.
24-Aug-2006 0:35:47
Carl, case in point -- it is only that I came back to this page by chance that I noticed you'd replied to my comment. I'd otherwise forgot. While the Haloscan RSS feed went overboard, creating entries for each comment (in which different discussions were interwoven), and then truncating the actual content, it was still a useful and passive way to follow discussions.

A formula for a separate comments feed might be, last few (10?) commented posts as one entry (this comment would at this time make this post the most recent commented post) containing the last few (10?) comments added in full, most recent first. This way the comments feed is managed only when comments are posted. Maybe convoluted, but designed for and manageable in the average RSS reader.

9-Oct-2006 8:29:03
Could the "most recent comments" links: a) include a date/time on them (so I can see what is new since my last visit) b) include the last 7 day's worth of newness (so if I visit only once a week, I can easily find all the recentish comments) Thanks!

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