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Browser Plugin Project Resumes

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Apr-2006 20:05 GMT

Article #0270
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The REBOL-as-a browser plugin project has been resumed. We welcome Josh Mitts back to the project (Josh was the original creator of the REBOL IE plugin.)

Briefly the goals of the project are:

  1. To build a newer plugin for supporting REBOL 1.3.2.

  2. To experiment and perfect methods of embedding REBOL application encryption into browser plugins (the REBOL/Platform concept).

  3. To prepare for deeper integration between the browser and REBOL 3.0. We want more control, more power over the browser as well as threading (to allow multiple REBOL page instances).

  4. To examine what it will take, then build, support for non-IE browsers, including those on Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD, etc.

Of course, this is a big project due to the number of browsers and platforms, and I know that Josh and I cannot do it alone. So, this is more of an open project than before and a few of you have already volunteered to help. We're going to need that help. We would also like to invite anyone else who has deep programming experience in browser plugin technology. It can get pretty complex, depending on the browser. Contact me via feedback. Thanks.


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