Comments on: Browser Plugin Project Resumes
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Browser Plugin Project Resumes

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Apr-2006 20:05 GMT

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The REBOL-as-a browser plugin project has been resumed. We welcome Josh Mitts back to the project (Josh was the original creator of the REBOL IE plugin.)

Briefly the goals of the project are:

  1. To build a newer plugin for supporting REBOL 1.3.2.

  2. To experiment and perfect methods of embedding REBOL application encryption into browser plugins (the REBOL/Platform concept).

  3. To prepare for deeper integration between the browser and REBOL 3.0. We want more control, more power over the browser as well as threading (to allow multiple REBOL page instances).

  4. To examine what it will take, then build, support for non-IE browsers, including those on Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD, etc.

Of course, this is a big project due to the number of browsers and platforms, and I know that Josh and I cannot do it alone. So, this is more of an open project than before and a few of you have already volunteered to help. We're going to need that help. We would also like to invite anyone else who has deep programming experience in browser plugin technology. It can get pretty complex, depending on the browser. Contact me via feedback. Thanks.



Alan Crandall
10-Apr-2006 21:06
:) no programmer but would like to beta test.I am going to be using Opera on my cell phone and would like to be able to make Rebol pages showing traffic cams across the nation.Good luck and thanks for the work you are doing
Josh Mitts
10-Apr-2006 22:21
:) Hi all, looking forward to working with everyone on this project!
10-Apr-2006 22:39
:) Suggestion :

Opera 9 (still in development) have their own version of 'widgets'.

They provide a neat way to access their widgets from their browser.

Or rather, so long as the Opera browser there is an easy way to access Opera's widgets even from other browser or the desktop.

It would be great if 'reblets' can be access that way as well on top of the typical, one-page embed plugin approach.

The issue could be about better integration with Rebol Viewtop from the user experience point of view.

Just a suggestion.

10-Apr-2006 22:39
"3. To prepare for deeper integration between the browser and REBOL 3.0. We want more control, more power over the browser as well as threading (to allow multiple REBOL page instances)."

#1 wish in my mind is to get browsers breathing REBOL -- that is, direct access to the DOM as a replacement to Javascript as opposed to layered on top.

Or a different direction, use the plugin to intercept REBOL scripts and provide a better launching method for View scripts (generating a page from script metadata with a big 'Launch' icon).

10-Apr-2006 22:39
Or both :)
Petr Krenzelok
11-Apr-2006 13:38
:) Hi Josh,

I suggest you to sync plugin AltME Rebol3 world, we did some investigation. IIRC we found out, that it would be easier to start with NS kind of plug-ins, which will work in most browsers, and as for IE, the only thing you need, is small wrapper library for the exactly the same NS kind of plug-in ...


11-Apr-2006 15:44
And it would be good if we can "encap" the plugin code ... that way we can release our scripts as plugins.
Paul Tretter
12-Apr-2006 23:39
:) Welcome back Josh. This was one of my more favorite projects that RT pursued.


18-Apr-2006 16:59
:) Whishes for the next version of the plugin: 1) Permit multiple instances of the activeX. 2) Expose a method to evaluate, from Javascript, a rebol function. Example: input type="button" value="Send" onclick="rebPlugin.evaluate('send');" 3) Opera version of the plugin (of course Firefox too :))
25-Apr-2006 6:59
:) Yes "encap"-ing the code seems a must to me, as I will be able to release some key-script without having to think about setup procedures ! Make it a "do" please :)

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