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Still looking for REBOL 3.0 blog/comment method

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
8-Apr-2006 18:28 GMT

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Someone suggested using for the REBOL 3.0 blog and feedback pages. I just gave it a try (and announced it here), but quite unfortunately, is not going to work out. It only took a few posts to realize that it has some problems. Here's a quick list:

  1. Performance is slow. It could be a problem with my net connection, but seems to take serveral seconds to obtain the edit window to create a new blog entry, and then it can take even more time to post the new entry to the blog page. (This alone would not be enough to abandon it, but...)

  2. The blog editor has bugs. It's a nice little editor, but they need to get their QA (quality) people testing it a lot more. I encountered four bugs within about 20 minutes of using it. Only one was a major bug that garbled some of my text, but I expect zero bugs from a company the size of google ( owner).

  3. I need undo. The web browser text-area has undo by default (what I use for REBOL wiki pages and this blog), but the undo does not work very well, so that's a problem (when you create large text entries, undo is required.)

  4. Quick code examples. Every time I want to create a code example (there will be many), it is tedious to click the font, the size, bold, and blockquote. It needs to be a predefined style that takes only seconds to select (like it is in MakeDoc2, all I do is indent).

So, it looks like we're back to the drawing board... again looking for a good place to put the REBOL 3.0 blog and comment channel.

PS: Someone suggested that we combine this blogger with the REBOL BBS.... it's not a bad idea.

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